By: By Richard Jerome. Macon Morehouse in San Antonio. posted on: March 21, 2005

Doctors Said Tiffany House Wouldn’t Live Past 20, but Her Parents Refused to Accept That Death Sentence

(Published in People Magazine: March 21, 2005)

When Randall and Marylyn House adopted their infant daughter Tiffany in 1983, they imagined her life would be without limits. “She was so beautiful and perfect,” Marylyn recalls. “We knew she was going to be President or a movie star.” But as their little girl grew, trouble emerged. Tiffany was slow to walk and climb stairs and struggled to fight off even a minor cold. By grade school, she was healthy enough to play tennis and join a swim team but remained clumsier and weaker than her peers. “I tripped a lot and couldn’t do a sit-up,” she says. “I thought I wasn’t good at sports. I didn’t think why.”

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